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Ibiza in the Wild Ibiza is beautiful in wildlife and seasonal produce. Our immensely brick red and rich soil combined with the perfect Mediterranean climate and golden sunshine provides our little island with conditioned agricultural grounds for some wonderful nutritious foods. According to Ibiza Produce “Over the past decades, Ibiza’s land use has changed from […]
History of Bread Bread, the longest recorded food in history. In fact, scholars would suggest that bread has been the most significant part of humanities nutritional diet across the globe for thousands of centuries, as early as 30,000 years ago! This optimal dietary component is also the most consumed food in the world – with […]
With yet another year past and fresh into 2020, it’s likely we are all pretty much thinking the same thing! How incredibly over indulgent I was over the Christmas period… No one is alone in this fact, there was definitely second helpings of potatoes plus an extra (large) spoonful of dessert and far too much […]