Our family business known as ‘Samos Group’ is a collective of five individual yet collaborative companies in Ibiza that began with our parents in 1974. See our family business timeline and all about Samos Deli below.

Family Business



Roland and Sigrid start their own little Beach Bar Chiringuito.


Together they went on to open ‘Samovar’ in Siesta, Santa Eulalia. Initially as Pasteleria and Cafeteria with Grandmothers secret cake recipes.

Since 1982

Samovar established as a full Mediterranean Restaurant and the Pasteleria turned into a local Bakery – producing healthy German baked Breads and Cakes and delivering locally across the island as well as becoming providers to the little local village shop next door to the Restaurant.


Deli in Siesta opens as the official Samos Bakery and Supermarket next door to Samovar.


Alexandra (Daughter) returned back from studies abroad and joined family business.


Daniel (Son) returned back from studies abroad and working overseas in China.


Alexandra and Daniel (brother and sister) started Pura Vida Beach Restaurant, Santa Eulalia


Opened a small Bakery in Santa Eulalia.


Changed to a larger location and extended into a Deli and Cafeteria.


Alexandra Sixt joins the family and creates PR and Wedding Planning Service within Pura Vida Beach Restaurant.


Alexandra opens officially as Ma Cherie Ibiza Weddings Agency.


Started ‘The Ibiza Catering’.


Deli Siesta changes from Spar into Proxim and opens Cafeteria terrace with Breakfast Menu.


Samovar traditional family restaurant renovated and refurbished with a new concept as ‘The Village’.



Our family run business has been passed down from our previous generation and has been in operation since 1978, here on the island of Ibiza.

We proudly create homemade baked bread that signifies care and quality of ingredients. Every handmade loaf is handled with tender loving care and is predominately sourced from the island of Ibiza. We insist on using only the finest natural ingredients on offer and following traditional methods of baking by hand to provide quality local products to our local communities.

We offer a wide range of German and Artisan breads and bakery products, including sweet and savoury pastries and our very own in-house creative cake designers for weddings and special occasions.

You will find numerous batches of our healthy alternative breads such as Multi Cereal Bread, Dark German Bread, Rye Bread, Quinoa, Chia, Carrot, Nut or Spelt bread in all Eroski and Aprop supermarkets across in Ibiza, Formentera and Mallorca; all Hiper Centros and Sumas (Ibiza) plus many local stores and restaurants in Ibiza.

Santa Eulalia & Siesta goes Deli


Our local delicatessen shop in Santa Eulalia and Siesta is the perfect place to sit down and relax with a freshly brewed coffee whilst you ponder between our selection of homemade cakes and pastries.

Our shop is famous among locals for our freshly baked German breads, vegan and gluten free options and traditional bakery products!
Join us each day for freshly filled bagels, baguettes or tasty focaccia breads. Spend summer brunches enjoying a healthy breakfast from a choice of smoothies, fruit salads or yoghurts with muesli – everything is available for take-away!

You can also take a little basket and browse our deli groceries, choosing from our favourite German products and Spanish specialties.
For the gourmets we offer homemade jams, chutneys, herbal teas, cold meats, cheeses and larder goods.

Experience a café, deli shop, bakery and pastry experience in one shop and enjoy the community, friendly atmosphere and regular seasonal offers.

Eco-friendly & Sustainability


Our bakery runs on a ‘Solar Powered Energy System’ provides eco-friendly energy for all our bakery production.

All of our ‘Bread Deliveries’ use returnable plastic boxes to minimise waste and plastic production.

Any Daily ‘unsold’ Bread is dried, preserved, grated and transformed into sourdough using specialist equipment in order to prevent further waste. This not only encourages less waste but also offers options for better tasting bread with a longer lasting shelf life for customers.

Our ‘Computerised Systems’ guarantees minimum fuel in our distribution services due to adapted and calculated distribution routes, improving our KM0 and energy consumption.

We do not ‘Freeze’ products. All daily production guarantees no extra energy used for freezing and conserving. No freezed distribution, daily by order, means no waste and extra energy.

We opt to use paper packaging as much as possible, such as cardboard boxes and paper bags for our goods and deliveries.

Local Community Ethos & Vision


At Samos Deli we believe in local economic, eco-friendly, cultural and community stimulus. It is important for us to see local businesses, service providers, farms and native ecological products nurtured and treasured as part of our inhabitants and responsibility as residents in Ibiza.

Upholding local produce ultimately supports other businesses and families, encourages future generations to continue to build character, value and invest in Ibiza’s welfare and future.

It reduces our environmental pollution and carbon footprint, enables local community employment and better customer experiences, as well as supplying every individual with health benefits from seasonal and nutritional local produce.

Purchasing fresh local foods is one of the most environmentally friendly and charitable things we can all do for the island and Planet Earth. Together as a community we desire to make a stand and create a greater demand for fresh, organic and locally produced foods – directly from Ibiza.

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