The most popular topic of conversation at this time of year is Halloween! Halloween costumes, Halloween pumpkin designs, Halloween parties, and of course, plenty of Halloween candy. And, whilst ‘tricking and treating’ are both essential to the festivities of Halloween, at Samos Deli, we prefer to provide the ‘treats’ and leave the rest of the ‘tricks’ up to you!

So let’s talk about some of our devilishly delicious Halloween treats that you can get from us right here in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, as we approach the spookiest day of the year 2021.


Halloween Cakes from Samos Deli

It can be tricky to put together the perfect Halloween party that everyone will love, so we thought we would share some of our very best Halloween cakes to help get the party started and save you a hell of a lot of time.

Halloween is the perfect time to indulge in bewitching cakes and you can’t go wrong with our creepy, crawly festive muffins. We offer a wide range of flavours from spiced pumpkin to dark chocolate with a fantastic collection of spooky Halloween iced designs from spider webs to ghastly ghosts and crazy witches!

You can even add a special touch to your Halloween party this season with your very own custom-design centrepiece cake featuring your own chosen theme. Think of a dark chocolate bundt cake with bright orange drizzle icing and Halloween figurines, or, how about a three-tier white buttercream ghost cake to set the Halloween tone!

A creepy crafted Halloween cake will always be a hit with the kids and is the perfect fuel for those trick-or-treating children’s parties activities. These frightfully-looking centre cakes will also serve as the perfect icebreakers among adults, making for an extra-special and fun statement, and is the perfect accompaniment to any dark and stormy Halloween cocktail.

Whatever your taste, our Halloween cakes are sure to put a sweet smile on your face. Whether you choose a custom-designed Halloween feature cake, a selection of cupcakes or muffins, or a bowl-full of our special Halloween candy, we will be sure to bring the Halloween treats, without any tricks.


Halloween Decorations & Candy from Samos Deli

Talking of Halloween candy, a room is never complete, and the children are not quite satisfied without those traditional Halloween decorations and scary sweet buckets. Thankfully, our store in Santa Eulalia is filled with plenty of great Halloween-themed wall hangings and decorations, Halloween gifts, and a wide selection of candy to keep those ghostly ghouls entertained for the day!


Halloween Bakes – Traditional Panellets Ibiza

Traditionally, a small sweet called a panellets is prepared for November 1, (All Saints’ Day), post-Halloween, in Catalonia, Valencia, and the Balearic Islands. Panellets were previously used as blessed foods to share after the All Saint’s Day ceremonies, and although they are still mostly prepared in the same manner since they began in the 18th century, new varieties are available with coconut, chocolate, and much more. The traditional pastry is made by shaping marzipan dough of sugar and almonds into small balls, coating them in pine nuts, brushing them with egg, beaten yolk, or white, and baking them briefly.

These delicious sweet treats are perfect little tasters for Halloween and of course ‘All Saints Day’ thereafter. Samos Deli believes everybody deserves to enjoy good tasty Halloween treats and be sure to grab a little taste of the true Ibiza in the form of our very delicious homemade Panellets. Shop Local always.