Every wedding should include a grand tasty homemade and beautiful wedding cake!

Our selection of traditional and modern-contemporary cakes from our local family bakery right here in Ibiza are purposely designed to create fond memories and add a little extra extravagance to any wedding. With light and fluffy options, a great range of tasty flavours, and the finest quality ingredients on offer – our wonderful wedding cakes are certain to deliver the sweetest taste of love.

Read on to see our top-selling wedding cakes and get inspired to make the perfect choice for you…


The Traditional Tier Cake at Samos Deli Bakery, Ibiza

Those beautiful tall towering tier wedding cakes aren’t going anywhere. They are quite simply our top favourite style too! A wedding wouldn’t be complete without one, and what’s more, they can be perfectly designed to fit your venue, floral designs, and the decoration style.

We personally love our semi-naked tier cakes, often in plain cream or variations of white that are adorned with beautiful mini-bouquets or associated wedding details and colour schemes. In reality, you can do anything you want with a traditional tier cake. And remember, the fun is not just on the outside, the taste and flavors can be just as flexible and creative too!


Alternative Wedding Cakes – Sweet-Filled Macaron Towers

It may be worth considering macaron displays for something a little different that can be displayed in diverse ways to suit your chosen wedding style and chosen colour themes. They can fit perfectly into tall towers or even paired with a traditional tier cake for an innovative twist. If the traditional wedding cake style is not for you, Macarons are a very popular alternative, and meringue filled with buttercream, jam, or ganache is sure to please you and all your guests.


Alternative Wedding Cakes – Strawberry & Vanilla Gateau

Strawberry gateau is always a favorite when it comes to desserts. A light and fluffy sponge cake, layered with ripe local strawberries, a delicious fresh vanilla cream filling, and sprinkled with toasted almonds, this cake is the ideal choice for spring and summer weddings. There is nothing too heavy about it, just a melt-in-your-mouth kind of taste. More importantly, it can also be purposely styled to scream romance in a heart-shaped style. Definitely, a cake to remember when it comes to weddings.


Wedding Dessert Tables and Individual Wedding Cakes from Samos Deli, Ibiza

In lieu of a traditional wedding cake, dessert tables are also a great alternative. They are relatively simple to design and can be combined with plenty of variety to create an impressive display that will really knock your guests’ socks off at your wedding reception. There are so many options for flavors, colors, and display styles that a dessert table is sure to keep even the pickiest of eaters entertained and interested, and satisfy everybody’s sweet tooth, especially the little ones.


Choosing the Perfect Ibiza Wedding Cake Designer in Ibiza

Since 1982, our family-owned and operated Pasteleria and local Bakery has been producing healthy, German-baked bread and is island renowned for creating delicious cakes.

For more information on a wide range of traditional wedding cakes and top sellers then please visit us at Samos Deli Online.


Vegan Wedding Cake or Special Dietary Requirments in Ibiza

We would be more than happy to speak to you about the possibility of a custom-designed wedding cake here in Ibiza, especially if you have special dietary requirements or prefer vegan options, so please contact us today if you are interested in finding out more!

Still a little unsure what style of cake might be right for you? Please feel free to take a little browse over some of our delicious options below.

Check out this page: https://www.samos-deli.com/product-category/catering/wedding-cakes/

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