Arriving at your chosen travel destination for your summer holiday has to be one of the most exciting and thrilling events of the entire year.

Most would agree the travel experience starts way before the plane journey itself. The pre-itinerary planning, reserving your favourite restaurants, and packing your suitcases are just to name a few of those little extras that contribute to the entire ordeal.

And, no matter what kind of trip we decide to take, we often find ourselves going through various elements of excitement, anticipation, and joy.

Of course, we want to feel relaxed, happy, and treasure every moment as much as possible. However, a vacation can be sometimes stressful, especially when we don’t plan and organize well.

The good news is that you can reduce the amount of stress you feel whilst on holiday with a little effective planning and that’s where we are here to help.


Grocery Shopping & Supermarkets in Ibiza

Grocery store shopping in foreign countries can actually be quite fun. We often find it interesting to see how other people live and culturally operate.

However, taking a supermarket trip in Ibiza, casually strolling the aisles, smelling the sweet aromas and listening to the local chit-chat of the community, in reality, is not always very convenient for most of us, especially when traveling with younger children.

Here’s why…

Ibiza’s road traffic alone from your villa location to the supermarket in the height of the summer season can be horrendous. A usual winter journey of 12 minutes can take up to 42 minutes, which is never fun, especially in the heat.

Arriving at the supermarket requires patience whilst you search for a parking spot alongside five other cars. Then there is the hustle and bustle of being inside and queuing at the tills. Lest not forget social distancing and health and safety measurements within public settings, which have also now led occasional pre-queuing, just to get inside!

Then there is knowing which supermarket will have the groceries you like, not all supermarkets are the same here in Ibiza, neither do they all have specific foods for dietary requirements, organic or high quality products, even if they are particularly large stores.

Being on holiday in Ibiza should be a pleasant experience, at every given moment. It’s your turn to relax and enjoy the world by simply being and not doing.

Arriving at your holiday apartment or Villa with nothing in the fridge equals time wasted getting to and from the supermarket, stocking up, and unpacking your items on return can equate to half a day lost of precious time spent at the beach, by the pool or sightseeing!


On Holiday in Ibiza? Make Your Life Easier!

Why not make your life easier with our online supermarket and local bakery, which has everything you need to complete your summer vacation this 2021.

Discover our high-quality groceries and order your favourite products directly from your phone or computer, choose a delivery slot, and have your everything delivered to your home, villa, boat or wherever you may be for the day.

You can book your delivery slot in advance if you wish to order before you travel, and we can even arrange with your concierge team to fill up your fridge ready for your arrival.

Need anything last minute, no problem, just ensure you order by 22.00hs the night before and our team will have everything ready by the following morning!



What’s on offer with Samos Deli Ibiza

Our local supermarket and online grocery store makes a stand for fresh, organic and locally produced foods as much as possible.

Our family run business has been passed down from our previous generation and has been in operation since 1978, here on the island of Ibiza, starting with our very own bakery – you can learn all about us here.

Our Online Supermarket in Ibiza Offers:

  • Weekly Food Shopping Supplies
  • Home Catering Packages
  • Summer Picnic Lunches
  • Luxury Seafood & Sushi
  • Eco-friendly & Local Produce
  • German & Spanish Specialties
  • Vegan & Vegetarian Options
  • Luxe Products & Fine Wines
  • Healthy Artisan Breads, Cakes & Pastries
  • Organic Bread
  • Gluten Free Cakes
  • Custom Designed Cakes for Special Occasions
  • Free Delivery over 75euros

Free up your valuable holiday time and let us do your grocery shopping for you!

Start Shopping with Samos Deli Today!


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