History of Bread

Bread, the longest recorded food in history. In fact, scholars would suggest that bread has been the most significant part of humanities nutritional diet across the globe for thousands of centuries, as early as 30,000 years ago!

This optimal dietary component is also the most consumed food in the world – with bread filled meals (such as sandwiches, flatbreads, bocadillo’s, panini’s etc) being the most popular and regular meal on the planet, #wow!

And, we all know only too well, it’s a healthy and nutritious carbohydrate that satisfies the body and completes the ‘Foodie’s Soul’.

Ibiza Bread

You cannot visit Ibiza without being tempted by the notorious ‘Pan Aioli’. A little basket of local bread served with a creamy dipping spread, consisting of a fresh homemade garlic-seasoned mayonnaise.

Traditionally the Ibizan ‘Pan Aioli’ bread – known as Pagés Bread, is a ‘one of a kind’ – a uniquely salt free rustic integral loaf. You will know it once you’ve tried it.

However, over-time the island has seen a decrease in the use of typical breads. Many new restaurants, bars and markets with a range of global influences have also bought with them a variety of different bread alternatives.

The typical ‘Pages Bread’ may still be found, but rarely – other than in long standing Ibicencan pasteleria stores and authentic restaurants and bars. And, this makes us a little sad…

Ibiza Local Produce

At Samos Deli we believe in local economic, eco-friendly, cultural and community stimulus. It is important for us to see local businesses, service providers, farms and native ecological products nurtured and treasured as part of our inhabitants and responsibility as residents in Ibiza.

Upholding local produce ultimately supports other businesses and families, encourages future generations to continue to build character, value and invest in the islands welfare and future, reduces our environmental pollution and carbon footprint, enables local community employment and better customer experiences, as well as supplying each and every individual with health benefits from seasonal and nutritional local produce.

According to Ibiza Produce… “currently only 2% of the food consumed in Ibiza grows in Ibiza. To maintain a more sustainable diet for the planet, we have to choose Locally Grown Food.’

A disappointing figure, but that is where our local delicatessen, pasteleria and bakery comes into the picture!

The Love of Bread

We just absolutely love bread (food in general, but especially bread). For our family, bread has been at the centre of many fond memories. Waiting patiently at the family dinner table with sweet smelling aromas arising from the kitchen, whilst sitting tearing and sharing one of Mama’s freshly homemade loaves in anticipation. It was and still is, the most precious symbol for starting our afternoon meal together. And, we are sure we are not alone in this childhood memoir.

Our family run bakery, passed down from a previous generation, naturally plays a significant part in our love for bread too (hence, why mama’s bread was so good!).

We create bread that signifies care and quality of ingredients. Every handmade loaf is handled with tender loving care and is predominately made from locally sourced farms and ingredients on the island of Ibiza. Something we are very proud of.

Our Breads

We bake a wide range of German and Artisan breads, rolls and bakery products for our island and neighbouring Balearic Islands.

We insist on using the finest and most natural ingredients on offer; as well as following traditional methods of baking, baking by hand and providing quality local products to our local communities.

You will find numerous batches of our healthy alternative breads such as Pan Multicereales, Negro Aleman, De Centeno, De Quinoa, De Zanahoria, De Nuez… in all Eroski supermarkets and stores in Ibiza and across the Baleares.

Just look for our ‘Samos Deli – We Love Food’ in the fresh bread section and we will be there!

And, if you’re looking for something a little more unique such as our quinoa, carob (algarrobo), rye or fresh warm morning bread straight from the oven, then head down to our local Santa Eulàlia stores where you will be inspired by the true art of baking!

What’s more, late last year, we were honoured to attend the presentation and launch of ‘Ibiza’s Xeixa Wheat’ production.

Ibiza’s Xeixa Wheat’ is a seed that originates from the island, which was formerly used to make bread. The seed had almost become extinct due to being displaced by more commercial varieties of wheat used over the recent decades past.

The government decided to replant the wheat in 2016 in order to retain it and we visited the Old Hydraulic Flour Mill in Can Planetes, Santa Eulària to get more acquainted with the seed, flour and it’s delicious bread. The most amazing part is we are now part of sustaining the wheat production by successfully selling its loaves regularly in our local store. It’s been quite a hit to say the very least.

Our Bakery

Our own bakery in Santa Eulalia where healthy bread is our specialty, baked fresh daily and including 100-percent rye, spelt, wholegrain and nut varieties is one of the most sought after bread providers for catering companies, restaurants, local stores and supermarkets in Ibiza.

Our store in Santa Eulalia is also the perfect place to sit down with freshly brewed coffee and select between some homemade traditional cakes or pastries before leaving with your paper wrapped crusty wholesome loaf of bread of your choice.

Samos Deli believes everybody deserves to enjoy good and healthy bread. Be sure to pop down and grab a little taste of the true Ibiza in the form of very delicious bread. Shop Local always.

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