At Samos Deli we always aim to deliver high quality products and a standard of excellence to all of our customers.  That’s why we’ve expanded some of our online and delicatessen store products this year.  More specifically, we’ve taken a closer look at our provision of groceries for those who have, or simply enjoy a regular vegan or vegetarian diet. 

Finding great tasting, healthy vegetarian and vegan food, that is fulfilling, isn’t always easy to come by when you’re out and about dining.  But, when you’re at home the experimentation, passion, and love for creating delicious plates of satisfying food, is more than possible. 

Although Ibiza is quite fortunate with a wide range of smaller, local delicatessens and health stores, products can still be limited, and major supermarkets are quite behind on dietary variations and global cuisine options.    

Many people who are veggie or vegan here in Ibiza, often rely on widespread resources and a lot of creativity to keep their meal times interesting and sustainable.  So, we added a few extra special products to make life easier and help keep things exciting in your kitchen!

Check out this season’s fresh new buys.  We can hardly contain ourselves from dropping the ‘big secret’ product and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed…



The incredible surge of the ‘Beyond Meat’ concept has taken the food industry into a completely different realm.  Meat eaters, and ex-meat eaters are potentially more fascinated by the tasty and textured alternative, which is remarkably close to the ‘real deal’. Those who perhaps have been vegan or veggie for a long time or their entire lives may leave a different review, where the appeal for meat is non-desirable, however, despite personal preference or opinion, there is no hiding the fact that the ‘Beyond Burger’ without a doubt, has quickly become a very fashionable and sought after meal in a multitude of restaurants and supermarkets across the globe. 

Beyond Burger Ibiza

The plant-based innovative meat-alternatives are made from non GMO ingredients, deliver the same meaty experience, offer greater or equal protein levels than their animal counterparts, contain no cholesterol, less saturated fat, and no antibiotics or hormones.  Even the process of creating these plant-based foods, uses basic elements of cooking- heating, cooling, pressure and mixing- to give the plant protein a taste and texture that’s just like meat!

To summarise, the meat alternative is specifically designed to improve health, reduces the overall impact of climate change by using less water, land, energy than a regular beef burger, addresses global resource constraints and protects animal welfare! What’s more, we love them, they are incredibly tasty.  All in all, a very good healthy meat-alternative option.

What’s more… No other supermarket or store in Ibiza has BEYOND products! 

Beyond Meat Sausage Ibiza


Healthy & Vegan Bread Options 

If you don’t already know, we just absolutely love bread.  For our family and family run business, bread has been at the centre of many fond memories.  We create bread that signifies care and quality of ingredients.  Every handmade loaf is handled with tender loving care and is predominately made from locally sourced farms and ingredients on the island of Ibiza.  Something we are very proud of.

Our wide range of German and Artisan breads, rolls and bakery products also includes some incredibly tasty vegan options too, using the finest and most natural ingredients on offer.  

Beyond Bread Ibiza

And, if you’re looking for something a little more unique, our Vegan Barrita’s and our tasty Vegan Bread Loaf are the perfect option to get inspired by the true art of baking and sandwich together your homemade ‘Beyond Burgers or Hot Dogs’.

Our own bakery in Santa Eulalia where healthy bread is our specialty, also bakes fresh daily 100-percent rye, spelt, wholegrain and nut varieties and is one of the most sought after bread providers for catering companies, restaurants, local stores and supermarkets in Ibiza.  

Barrita vegan

Veganbread 600 gr sliced

Cold Cuts & Spreads

Vegan Curry Lentil, Mango & Papaya Curry, Aubergine and Paprika are our current selection of delicious spreadables to make your sandwiches, salads or dipping sauces a little more adventurous.  These organic and vegan combinations of vegetables are always available both online and in store at our Delicatessen in Santa Eulalia, as well as a selection of cold cut and dairy alternatives, from meat-free pates, hams, cheeses and yogurts.  

Bread spread bio vegan curry lentils 180 gr

Bread spread bio vegan aubergine 180 gr

Needless to say, the amount of people now opting to eat meatless, or reduce their meat consumption is on the increase, that paired with the desire to eat a healthy and balanced diet only encourages us at Samos Deli to provide the very best to our local community here in Ibiza.  

We believe our newly selected products will be a hit with the many, regardless of dietary preference, especially as we are the ONLY store in THE WHOLE OF IBIZA to host some of these BRAND NEW and delicious options!  

Samos Deli believes everybody deserves to enjoy good food in a variety of options for all dietary requirements..  Be sure to pop down and try our new selection of ‘meat alternative, vegan and vegetarian products.  And, if there is something you cannot find that you might like to purchase regularly in Ibiza, then be sure to enquire, you never know we just might be able to help! 

Shop Local Always.  With Love Samos Deli   


Vegan burger typ rind

Veganes filet