It’s always exciting when Samos Deli collaborates with new brands, local farmers and producers.

Our online supermarket, delicatessen, bakery and grocery store in Santa Eulalia and Siesta aims to ensure we have a wide range of enjoyable products that reflects our values, supports our local agricultural community, supports small independent businesses and advocates for healthy eating and quality foods.

What’s New? Summer 2020

At the end of spring we launched our brand new online store. We also expanded some of our grocery products, invited new foodie brands, created some special summer packages and perfectly prepared meal boxes with recipe cards for you to open, cook and eat in three simple steps.

But, today’s blog is all about three new and truly spectacular products which are now available at Samos Deli Online Supermarket and in store. So, let us get started informing you about what’s new 2020 …

Microgreens Ibiza

If you’re a local resident in Ibiza, then we can only assume you have been acquainted with the Microgreens Ibiza small family business, whether in person, at one of your local mini-supermarket outlets or even during your latest culinary experience. The concept is truly fantastic… Super Fresh, Nutritious and Delicious!

Microgreens Ibiza is the first of its kind on the island and offers genetically modified-free, local, organic, nutritious and visually appealing microgreens straight from their very own small, family-owned farm. The benefits of microgreens not only reduce our carbon footprint as they are locally produced, but as consumers these little fresh microgreens are incredibly good for your health too!

Naturally, as with all organic fruits and vegetables, consumers immediately free themselves of chemicals and pesticides (which are known to be related to unwanted health problems). However, the tiny foodie addition, which can be added to almost any meal as a luxury garnish, created into sauces, added to juices, smoothies or tossed into a delightful summer salad, actually reap a fantastic level of dense nutrition which is up to 40% higher than fully grown veggie counterparts.

This superfood offers a high level of phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and are also rich in enzymes, which enable them to be more easily digested.

All in all, a fantastic contribution to our island and our weekly shopping list in Ibiza. Thank you to the Microgreens Ibiza Family.

Ibiza Microgreens Healthy Mix

Ibiza Microgreens Spicy Mix


Natural Leaf Tea

Natural Leaf Tea is a blend of natural tea using ingredients from around the world according to the wisdom of old recipes from centuries ago. These beautiful aromatic flavours are full of antioxidants and carry powerful health-enhancing benefits including improving digestion, improving mind & body health, helping with weight loss, replacing unhealthy habits and have also been known to be an integral part of some of the world’s oldest cultures and holistic health and spiritual practices.

What’s more, Natural Leaf is an eco-friendly brand. They use only recycled paper for their boxes, the packaging bag inside the box is biodegradable and their high grade, premium loose leaf blends are served in a beautiful 100% biodegradable pyramid bag made from a plant based material known as Soilon.
With five fantastic flavours to choose from, each named after their originating countries of heritage, there’s plenty of flavoursome tea’s to enjoy and benefit from. Did we mention they are delicious too!

Natural Leaf Organic Tea SOUTH AMERICA

Natural Leaf Organic Tea MIDDLE EAST

Natural Leaf Organic Tea INDIA

Natural Leaf Organic Tea JAPAN



Limonisla, limonada de Ibiza is Ibiza’s very own healthy lemonade made directly on the island. This beautiful and refreshing beverage is a simple, yet perfected creation which is 100% natural.

Every lemon collected from Ibiza is crafted into a cloudy drink which is pressed and filtered by hand with its pulp, peel and pips creating a wonderful juice concentrated with vitamins. If you are yet to taste this delicious bottled, fresh juice then be sure to get your hands on a bottle, especially during these hot summer days, delightful!


Ecological and BioDynamic Wines

San Salvatore Calpazio White

Azienda Agricola San Salvatore is a wine producer situated in the Cilento National Park, close to the village of Giungano in Southern Italy’s Campania region. Their ecological wines and vast estate is maintained and farmed using only organic and biodynamic agricultural methods.

San Salvatore Calpazio White, available at our online supermarket has a delicate but enticing aromas of white spring flower, yellow stone fruit and the bright savory palate offers green melon, peach and Meyer lemon alongside fresh acidity.

San Salvatore – White Calpazio

Mestres Coquet Gran Reserva

Mestres Coquet Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2013, is a cava from the Mestres Winery following the traditional and ecological methods of production including all the processes of stirring, disgorging with all care carried out manually, bottle by bottle, taking all the time necessary.

This particular Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva available at our online supermarket stands out for its elegance and complexity, and also combines wonderfully with all kinds of dishes.

Mestres Coquel Gran Reserva Premium 2013


La Sauvageonne Rose

Gérard Bertrand, a winegrower from Languedoc and Roussillon, is the owner of 15 Châteaux and wine estates, Gérard Bertrand is a pioneer of biodynamic viticulture at the service of wine excellence: organic wine, red wine, rosé wine, white wine, biodynamic wine, including of course Château l’Hospitalet, elected best wine in the world in 2019.

Our range of Château Sauvageonne Rose wines, (La Villa, Volcanic and Volcanic Magnum 2018) are the perfect summer accompaniment with notes of crushed strawberry, sweet spices, floral notes of violet and hawthorn with a very powerful and generous palette and a velvety and fresh and revitalizing grain.

Château la Sauvageonne Volcanic Rosé AOP du Languedoc


Samos Deli Bread

Let’s not forget all about our homemade and super delicious bread either. Locally produced here on the island , we at Samos Deli proudly create baked bread that signifies care and quality of ingredients. Every handmade loaf is handled with tender loving care and is predominately sourced from the island of Ibiza.

We insist on using only the finest natural ingredients on offer and following traditional methods of baking by hand to provide quality local products to our local communities. It’s a little hard to decide if we have a particular favourite, but we decided to give you a little taste of two breads which you may have or are yet to try.

Our carrot artisan bread is made with fresh carrots, whole wheat flour, honey and nuts. Its High end ingredients give an amazing, exclusive taste and the humidity of the carrots means it lasts longer without preservatives . Our vegan barrita bread is a delicious vegan bread with a high percentage of various seeds and is a perfect for a healthy, balanced diet.

Samos Deli loves local and healthy food

Samos Deli not only advocates purchasing fresh local foods but foods that also benefit our health and environment.

Our local supermarket and online grocery store desires to make a stand and create a greater demand for fresh, organic and locally produced foods as much as possible. Why not take a look at our locally produced breads and groceries available at our online store or pop into Santa Eulalia or Siesta and see what we have on offer.

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