With yet another year past and fresh into 2020, it’s likely we are all pretty much thinking the same thing!

How incredibly over indulgent I was over the Christmas period…

No one is alone in this fact, there was definitely second helpings of potatoes plus an extra (large) spoonful of dessert and far too much alcoholic beverages – and that was just on Christmas day itself. Gulp!

So, like every single year we’ve decided it’s time for a New Year Detox and Diet Resolution. We’ve muscled up the courage to check our weight and yes, increased by a few extra Kg’s, needless to say, we are also feeling a little lethargic and bloated too. And, so the diet must begin.

For many the thought of a quick ‘crash diet’ or a ‘strict detox’ to shift those extra Kg may cross our minds. However, we all know in the long run (unless a detox is part of a healthy retreat under nutritional and medical supervision) a ‘quick diet fix’ is not the way to go.

Healthy eating and changing our eating behaviours should be a part of our everyday lifestyles – even if we once a year have a good old xmas binge.

At Samos Deli we believe in healthy lifestyle habits, balance, care for the body and the enjoyment of good food. So, even if we did ‘over do it’ a little during the festive season… we can put it in the past and decide that January will be the start of a clean, healthy and nutritious boost that will energize us, get rid of all that extra bloating and kickstart us back into a healthy lifestyle pattern for the rest of the year!

A healthy eating plan can vary from person to person – depending on lifestyle, age, fitness and personal dietary requirements. So, we cannot offer a one size fits all regime. Therefore, we decided to select a few key foods that reap amazing health benefits and remind everyone, including ourselves to pop them back into our daily diet.

So, here we have selected three very important foods that are loaded with health benefits to bring into our new daily healthy eating plan.

Good Morning with Lemon and Ginger Tea

Lemon and ginger have been a powerful and traditional herbal medicine throughout history, dating back as early as the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, thousands of centuries ago.

A simple morning dose of lemon juice and ginger root together is known to have a multitude of health benefits due to it’s high level of antioxidants and immune-boosting effects. And, if you have tried this potion before then you will know you can literally feel it warming you up from the inside and expelling all those nasty toxins in your body from the moment you have the first sip.

The active ingredient zingiber in ginger root is known to eliminate bacterial pathogens that attack the stomach and compromise digestive function. Whereas lemon is known to aid the reduction indigestion and feelings of heartburn. So, if your digestive system is feeling a little overwhelmed and uncomfortable after all those christmas indulgences, then lemon and ginger is a very powerful medicinal tool to refresh and revitalise.

Not only that, but this little tea may help to pick you up from the January blues – improving mood, concentration and cognitive function. Perfect for starting all those new year goals and plans. And, if you do have a few extra Kg to shift, then ginger stimulates the metabolism and helps to disperse feelings of hunger.

The beautiful infusion of lemon juice and ginger root can be drank hot in the winter months and ice cold in the summer. It’s perfect freshly made – but if you’re looking for an extra zing sensation, then why not try our in store and very delicious Teenanna Tea Selection!

Let’s AVO-CUDDLE with Avocados DAILY

The avocado is packed with nutrients and is one of the most delicious ingredients you can add to your meal. Whether you whip up some fresh guacamole or similar dips, add as a topping for your salads, use as a base for your smoothies or place on your morning tostadas – avocado is a wonderfully creamy addition to compliment any meal, anytime of the day.

Spain is the only European country to grow and export this fruit (yes, fruit) and as most of you should already know, we really do get amazing avocado’s here in Ibiza.

The avocado is incredibly rich in monounsaturated fats and vitamin E. It contains a vast group of minerals such as iron, copper, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B and folate. If your suffering from a little mental fatigue after the whole festive season, then research would suggest foods high folate are perfect to reboot your mood and can also help with depressive symptoms.

Avocado also has a low glycemic index – meaning it actually takes longer to break down in your stomach and therefore leaves you feeling fuller for longer. With correct portion control this can support weight loss by stopping those mid-morning sugar cravings and therefore should prevent you from grabbing extra snacks during the day.

We’ve just touched on two health benefits of the amazing Avo’s, but there’s so much more to gain from these beauties. Really kick start your healthy lifestyle and add half an avocado to your daily diet. Samos Deli loves that creamy texture and mild flavour; which perfectly compliments our healthy range of German and Artisan wholegrain, rye, carob and quinoa breads. Slightly toast, slice the avo and add a little olive oil and seasoning – the perfect way to start the day!

Keen-Wah (pro.Quinoa)

Quinoa is actually one of the most healthiest and nutritious plant-based foods you can add to your diet. This very small and a simple seed is harvested from grain crops and is overloaded with health benefits.

It’s a very popular choice among plant based lovers, is gluten-free and is literally packed with protein. Almost double the amount of protein than all other rices and grains. So, if your considering reducing you meat consumption after the Christmas period then adding Quinoa to your meals is an amazing way to ensure your protein levels are still strong.

What’s more, quinoa also has a low glycemic index; making it a perfect ingredient for those wanting to meet weight loss goals and stabilise their weight management – so add a portion of quinoa instead of those fast processing carbo’s, feel fuller for longer and give yourself a decent portion of protein all at the same time.

Needless to mention quinoa comes complete with a multitude of antioxidant properties, is strong in magnesium, iron, b-vitamins, potassium, calcium, vitamin E and is naturally high in fibre too.

Simply prepare a batch and add to almost any meal, hot or cold. And, if you’re struggling to find the wholegrain, integral version from your local supermarket… don’t worry, we store this superfood healthy option in our delicatessen in Santa Eulalia.

Adding these three simple and very healthy changes to your diet on a daily basis will leave you feeling more energised, cleaner and a lot less bloated. Tackle, these changes for one week, maintain it for a second week and then go ahead and add another three healthy lifestyle changes thereafter and so on and so on. Changing our eating habits and behaviours for the long term stops quick fixes and fad diets and helps us to live a better and stronger lifestyle that benefits both our minds and bodies. Happy New Year for 2020, friends and clients of Samos Deli.

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