Trying to navigate a busy lifestyle, intense work schedules and family life can have a massive impact on our stress levels, tiredness and health. A busy lifestyle can often mean substituting valuable healthy mealtimes for quick fixes and snacking, resulting in bad habits and eating patterns over time.

Coming into the winter months, with festivities such as Halloween and Christmas on the agenda, as well as an increased desire for more heartwarming and complex foods, may inevitably start to see a decline in our healthy lifestyle over the course of the season. Before we know it, the New Year is here and we are feeling overworked, over tired and quite sluggish all around.

It’s important to keep our long term health plan and nutritious diets in check, optimising our health and well-being as we go through each season. Not just when we feel our bodies are already lacking the minerals and vitamins needed keep us focused and fit.

Simple aspects like waking up to a fresh glass of water, getting enough sleep the night before, regular exercise, self care routines and keeping on schedule all help set our week into motion.


So, how can we at Samos Deli help you?

Well, many professionals and researchers would suggest making an effective plan for your diet at the start of each week.

Set aside time before Monday morning arrives, dedicated to creating a healthy meal plan for yourself and your family ready for the week ahead. Planning your meals *and even preparing them) will end up saving you plenty of time and stress in the long run! It will also prevent you from making poor dietary decisions throughout the week.

The recommendations are:

  1. Plan your weekly meals
  2. Write up your supermarket grocery list
  3. Head straight to the computer or your mobile phone
  4. Order online all food shopping items needed.

Buying your groceries online can be a lot less stressful than visiting busy supermarkets throughout Ibiza, or queuing in local markets with the kids rooting through every item they can find, or being tempted by those aisles of less nutritious goods after skipping lunch and feeling famished.

Samos Deli online supermarket and food delivery service offers a wide range of food shopping products with a maximum 24hr delivery time-slot, to anywhere on the island. All of our products are locally sourced where possible, and offer plenty of fantastic healthy options to ensure your weekly supermarket shop here in Ibiza is as healthy as possible.

We’ve even gone the extra mile this year 2020 and taken a closer look at our provision of healthy groceries and food products, especially for those who have, or simply enjoy a regular vegan or vegetarian diet. We’ve added a few extra special products to make life easier and help keep your weekly menu preparation exciting.


Vegan & Veggie Meat Alternatives

Beyond Burger Ibiza

Reducing our meat consumption on a weekly basis offers great health benefits. Simply replacing our meat with protein plant based alternatives guarantees a lower risk of high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Our brand new BEYOND MEAT plant-based meat-alternatives are made from non GMO ingredients, deliver the same meaty experience, offer greater or equal protein levels than their animal counterparts, contain no cholesterol, less saturated fat, and no antibiotics or hormones.

Our range of vegan and veggie burgers, sausages, mince, cold cuts and cheeses are specifically designed to improve health without forgetting the benefits of reducing global resources and protecting animal welfare!

What’s more, we love them, they are incredibly tasty which have all received great feedback from all our customers so far!.

What’s more… No other supermarket or store in Ibiza has BEYOND products! 

Beyond Meat Sausage Ibiza


Healthy & Vegan Bread Options 

If you don’t already know, we just absolutely love bread. For our family, bread has been at the centre of many fond memories. We create bread that signifies care and quality of ingredients. Every handmade loaf is handled with tender loving care and is predominately made from locally sourced farms and ingredients on the island of Ibiza. Something we are very proud of.

Our wide range of German and Artisan breads, rolls and bakery products includes our 100% Organic Algarrobo Bread, Xeixa Bread (from farmed wheat of Ibiza), our locally sourced Wholemeal bread and our BRAND NEW homemade Spelt Burger Buns.

And, if you’re looking for something a little more unique, our Vegan Barrita’s and our tasty Vegan Bread Loaf are also readily available in store and online.

Healthy bread made from whole or sprouted grains contains high essential nutrients compared to other processed white bread, that contain very few nutrients. Replacing processed white bread for a much healthier version is a quick and easy way to improve our overall diet.


Barrita vegan

Veganbread 600 gr sliced

Spelt Bread

White rustic bread loaf with spelt and wheat flour 500gr

Linseed Bread


Fresh Smoothies and Juices

Being busy and on the run all day, even with a weekly diet plan and meals that optimise our health, can sometimes require a little extra energy. In our local supermarket in Santa Eulalia, we offer wonderful juices and fresh smoothies every day, for those of us who simply need a little extra minerals and vitamins.

So, whether you have a spare ten minutes to relax in our coffee shop and recuperate or you’re on the go, stop by and treat your body with one of our refreshing, fruit beverages.

Juices are literally packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and with very little digestion needed, it can be a fast way to make sure you are getting an extra dose of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet to give you that power lift and energy boost the natural way.

Samos Deli believes everybody deserves to enjoy good food in a variety of options for all dietary requirements. Be sure to pop down and try our new selection of ‘meat alternative, vegan and vegetarian products, gluten free and fresh juices. And, if there is something you cannot find that you might like to purchase regularly in Ibiza, then be sure to enquire, you never know we just might be able to help!

…with Love Samos Deli Ibiza


Vegan burger typ rind

Veganes filet

Falafel orientalisch Bio Vegan

Veganes Hack

Veganes Geschnetzeltes