Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to celebrate love, life, and one another!

Every year on February 14 across western culture an array of candy, chocolate, flowers, and bright red gifts in the form of balloons, cuddly toys, and decorations fill our local stores and gift shops, ready to be purchased and exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of Valentines Day.

Millions of people send each other special Valentine’s Day cards and express their love and affection through a variety of different romantic traditions and gestures.

But, this year’s celebration may look a little different for us all. With current restrictions here in Ibiza and the temporary closure of our restaurants and bars across the island, planning extravagant dining experiences, hotel overnight stays, and mini city-travel-breaks are quite likely to be out of the question!

It would appear the year 2020 and the beginning of 2021 is certainly teaching us to appreciate the simple things in life. Many of us speak of feeling a deeper sense of valuing our loved ones and awakening to the privilege and luxury of human connection. Rather than big expenditures and living dramatic lifestyles, society is seemingly reevaluating ‘what is really important’ and what it means to show, celebrate and appreciate those we love in a more uncomplicated way.

Our socialising and habitual way of celebrating Valentine’s Day may be delayed, but our ability and desire to express love will always remain strong.

So, here’s a little reminder from Samos Deli that a special annual event is on the horizon, and is the perfect opportunity to be kind and warm hearts.

This Valentines Day, why not go the extra mile, and not just necessarily with your significant other or life partner, but also offer your best friend a box of indulgent chocolates, celebrate your own life with a little champagne, cook a special meal for you and your family, or offer a morning breakfast in bed for your housemate!

And, if you are a little stuck, then take a quick browse over our Valentine 2021 list of ideas, that are both easily done from home or right where you are with Samos Deli!

Picnic on the Beach

Living on the beautiful island of Ibiza gives us one major advantage, the wonders of nature! Surrounded by white-sanded beaches with crystal clear waters and some of the most spectacular sunsets, everything you could possibly need for the perfect romantic setting has been given to you free of charge, right on your doorstep.

Whoever you are looking to surprise this Valentine’s, be it your long-term spouse or a relatively new friend in your life, a beach picnic is sure to set a little spark of love and excitement for all your efforts and creativity.

Get your checklist together, find a comfortable and suitable spot, check for windbreaks and bring a few blankets for extra warmth if you’re choosing a sun-down evening, and plan those all-important Valentine’s Day gifts to create the ultimate romantic setting.
You’ll want to include a few specific things. Impress your guest with a little bottle of bubbly and pack those flute glasses for making the ordinary, extraordinary. Add a few delightful chocolates or one of our homemade special Valentine’s individual cakes, suitable for sharing, and simply celebrate an afternoon or evening just being together, listening to the sounds of the ocean. Make sure you have a few important words prepared for a toast as well!

Breakfast in Bed

Nothing says ‘I LOVE YOU’ more than a homemade, indulgent meal, especially when it’s bought to you in bed. Valentine’s day morning offers the perfect opportunity to get your surprise in first, and is a wonderful excuse to create an extra unique ‘breakfast-love-affair’.

What could be better than waking up to a warm freshly-made chocolate brownie topped with a couple of heart shape strawberry slices with a few tasty blueberries or why not try one of our berry-compote and yoghurt heart-shaped sponges for something a little special!

Dish up a little love at home! And of course, a chocolate brownie is not the only idea on the menu with our bakery and pasteleria! Choose anything to suit your personal taste from our savoury or sweet pastries, including an array of buttery croissants, to our warm crusty bread with luxury natural jams, or your favourite healthy morning granola with yogurt and chia seeds.

We are open from 0730h daily, so everything can be ready for you to pick up and return home like you’ve been working hard in the kitchen all morning long. Just don’t forget to arrive with a few heart-shaped balloons and a little card to simply say, “take the morning off to relax and feel loved”.

Breakfast in bed with Samos Deli Valentine's day

A Romantic Party for Two

You may have heard of the current ‘Birthday Party’ trend. With a multitude of lockdowns over the past year, celebrating milestones or usual holidays from home has, unfortunately, become our reality. However, a few special people with a creative and positive mindset have turned the tables and created a new trend.

Setting up themed home bars and restaurants in different rooms of the house is now the new way to celebrate life from home. And what a fantastic idea… Take the lead and get creative!

Set up your own Mexican Night with plenty of tequila and homemade taco’s. Be typically Spanish with some Sangria and a tapas selection. Go the-full-works and set up a fine dining restaurant with some innovative cocktails. Create an American Diner and design your own funky dessert tables in pink and red using our range of Valentine’s day cakes and candy for the whole family.

Patron Silver

MOJITO Session

Strawberry cake

LUX Session

Whoever is important to you. WE ARE SURE they would love to hear “You are special”. Never miss the opportunity to tell someone ‘I Love You and I Value You’’ this #ValentinesDay

Say it with Samos Deli and choose from our array of wonderful gifts, custom-designed cakes, and patisseries; or go the full length and select your grocery supermarket food, fine wine, and cocktails to create your very own homemade romantic meal from our online store with free delivery for all orders over 75euros. ⁣

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