Caramel wedding cake for 48 servings


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Cake pieces do not include delivery.
Delivery time 16:00- 17:00 Monday- Saturday (35 Euros  area Santa Eulalia, 55 Euros all other areas)
Stans hire 25 Euros + stand pick up as delivery cost + stand deposit 50 euros. cake topper love 10 euros.
All our Cakes are made with artisan sponge, choose between: vanilla or chocolate sponge
please choose between the followings fillings:
-Fruity: lemon, raspberry, strawberry or blueberry all our cake fill-ins are made with fresh fruits
-Sweet: Chocolate (white or black), hazelnuts or tiramisu.

Naked cakes look best in light colors so the best filling would be lemon or white chocolate.

We also have gluten free sponge, but be aware that there might be traces the bakery uses normal flouer so there is always some normal flour in the air.
All fillings and sponges  can be made vegan apart of the chocolate one .
Adicional cost of gluten free or vegan +20%