Quality is our base

Samos is a leading manufacturer of high quality bakery products on Ibiza and Mallorca. Our German recipes are our trademark combining the perfect types of flour and the addition of seeds and grains, which increase nutritional value. Our professional bakers select only the finest ingredients – natural and organic. A great variety from traditional breads to carrot, nuts, sesame, vegetable and vegan bread is offered! Also international breads such as ciabatta, focaccia, pita, bagels, Spanish barritas and French baguettes are daily produced. Very popular are our savoury items such as pretzels, rustic ,white and sourdough breads followed by an endless list of delicious Samos Deli bakery products!

Our traditional baking techniques are made with whole grains, which improve the taste and aromatics. Taste the difference and order our breads online, visit our Samos Deli Shops or find us in many supermarkets on Ibiza and Mallorca.