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Duval Leroy is Parisian champagne, which is a real exception among the Champagne brands! It is a family business and run by a woman (!), Carol Duval-Leroy. More than 30 people manage the vineyard all year around in Vertus, in the North of France, in the Champagne area to produce these deliciously tasteful bubbles only using the best grapes!

Our wine list is unique and has some international well-kept secrets, classics and all time favourites. A summer highlight is our nicely balanced, light and fruity Verdejo by El Bufon white wine or try our Sancerre Blanc by Gitton Pére & Fils – a real French sensation.

Our classic suggestion is our Neo wine and Chateau de Brigue Signature -predominantly Grenache and Syrah with Mourvedre and Carignan.

Our recommendation...

Duval Leroy Premier Cru Fleur de Champagne

Bottle 0.75L

51.60 €

Bottle 0.75l

66.00 €
Sancerre Le Belle Dammes

Bottle 0.75L

19.70 €