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Jamon Iberico

The finest ham in the world, Ibérico ham, is produced in the South-western part of Spain. The Ibérico pigs are put on a diet at a very young age until the time that they are slaughtered. Right before the slaughtering time approaches, the diet is limited to olives or acorns. The slaughtered ham is salted and left to dry for two weeks after that, they are rinsed and put to dry for another four to six weeks. The curing process then takes at least twelve months! The ultimate result is a long, thin leg of ham with a deep golden hue to its fat. The meat is dark red, marbled with veins of tasteful fat. You will value the ham if you know how it is produced, we highly recommend this Spanish culinary highlight and you can buy it in our shops! Buen provecho!


Foie Gras is our luxury food product made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened. Therefore, is Foie Gas French for ´fat liver´.
Foie Gras should be eaten with a slice of toasted whole weed or white bread without the crusts. Also, drink a compatible wine with it, available at our online shop. Foie Gras is usually combined with sweet products such as a fruit jam or dried figs. Foie Gras is mainly produced in France, Hungary and Bulgaria, but Spain has also a few producers and is also one of the most important customers along with Belgium, Japan and Switzerland.


Caviar Per Sé is our Spanish caviar, the finest Osetra caviar. Its name indicates a very own personality. This new and exciting caviar is produced in Spain. As a product of Adriatic Sturgeon, this is one of the highest quality caviars in the world. Within the Per Sé family there are several products; black, gold, and the organic caviars; black eco and gold eco.
The palate memory of those who enjoyed the wonderful wild caviar wakes up when they put a pearl teaspoon into their mouths intense flavours reminiscent of fresh oysters and the sea. The black and gold caviar is delicate and balanced, always with the right touch of salt. Once you taste the caviar Per Sé it will bring you a fresh almond and cream sensation.

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